Arturia V Collection 6

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Arturia V Collection 6 is the ultimate synth, organ, piano, and performance keyboard anthology.
21 seminal instruments, supercharged, and at your command.
Bringing together over 100 years of landmark keyboard instruments in one software package, the sounds behind every hit, every genre, and every musical movement are now at your fingertips. Painstakingly recreated in beautiful detail, every single instrument in V Collection 6 will blow you away.

- New : CMI V
- New : Buchla Easel V
- New : Clavinet V
- New : Analog Lab 3
- New : Piano V 2
- ARP2600 V
- CS-80 V
- Jup-8 V
- Mini V
- Modular V
- Prophet V
- VOX Continental V
- Farfisa V
- Wurli V
- Solina V
- Matrix-12 V
- Stage-73 V
- Synclavier V
- B-3 V
- Euroguitar Reference : 77899
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