Line 6 HD Pro

This product is not available anymore

22 HD amp models based on vintage, modern and boutique amps
100+ M-class effects including 19 delays, 23 modulations, 17 distortions, 12 compressors and EQs, 26 filters and 12 reverbs
16 speaker models spanning from the late 30s to today
8 mic models based on* essential condensers, dynamics and ribbons
Parallel paths for running two full and independent signal chains simultaneously
512 user-writable preset locations
8 Set Lists for preset organization
48-second looper
2RU space
Guitar input with switchable pad
Mic input with gain knob, high-pass filter, -20dB pad, and phantom power
1/4" unbalanced outputs (mono/stereo, instrument/line)
XLR balanced outputs (left/right, instrument/mic)
1/4" line-level inputs (mono/stereo, +4/-10)
MIDI In and Out/Thru
1/4" stereo FX loop (mono/stereo)
1/4" Dry Output
Variax® Digital Input connection
FBV™ foot controller connection
L6 LINK™ jack for seamless integration with DT-series tube amplifiers
Burly all-metal faceplate and chassis
Euroguitar Reference : 19571