How much will shipping charges cost for my order ? The shipping charges depend on the delivery country. For metropolitan France, they are free from the amount of 199€ ordered. For other countries that are a part of the European Community, there is a set price. Go to Euroguitar website pages corresponding to your country and click on the right flag in the top right hand corner to know more.

For countries outside the European Community and for the DOM TOM, Euroguitar can make a personalised estimate and a shipping cost invoice with the actual cost.In any case Euroguitar wont't make you pay more than the actual shipping cost.

If your delivery area is not mentioned, please contact the Hotline and dial 00 33 3 20 31 08 84 to learn about shipping costs.

How long does a delivery take?
The delivery time for France is normally 48 hours. However we give a possible delivery time for each product, which can be extended to more than 48 hours. If you have any questions, please contact us. The usual delivery time for any country inside the EU is around 3 to 5 business days.

Which companies do we work with?
We only work with TNT, Chronopost, La Poste Colissimo and Calberson to deliver in France, and with TNT to deliver outside France. Calberson delivers parcels over 30 kilos.

For very voluminous parcels (on pallet) or very heavy (more than 30 kilos)parcels, we must deliver on pallets, so the delivery time could be longer than expected.

Can you deliver the parcel to a different person than the client who paid?
We can but only if we deliver to the credit card owner. For instance:

Mr X can receive a delivery in his name at his workplace.
We cannot accept a delivery for Mr X at his workplace if he uses another name.

Such precautions are taken to avoid credit card fraud. This precaution is also used for all other methods of payment.

Are the products insured during the transportation?
The products are of course insured by Euroguitar, for their real value.

Are the products checked before the delivery?
We check each product in minute detail before delivering. Consequently, you may notice that the package has already been opened when you receive it.

Are all the different products for an order delivered in one go?
Euroguitar can decide to deliver the products in several deliveries. In that case we will tell you, and in no way you will pay several shipping costs.

I have a question about the delivery, who can answer?
Please contact the hotline by email or by phone. From France, dial From a foreign country, dial 00 33

The Hotline is open from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 19 pm.