Solidgoldfx Lysis Polyphonic Octave Down Fuzz Modulator

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All of the bells and whistles of synths are featured in full within the walls of the SOLIDGOLDFX Lysis Polyphonic Octave Down Fuzz Modulator compact effect pedal. For starters, the Lysis serves up a specially-designed wave-shaping fuzz circuit. This helps the Lysis sound more like a square wave or sawtooth wave.

DSP-controlled polyphonic octave circuit takes all the clang you’ve cooked up and sends it south, to a rich two-voice octave-down synthesizer that tracks one note or 88, all at once. Serve Lysis your longest signal chain on a platter, and it will eat it for breakfast.

The Filter section is where things get really interesting. For starters, the Lysis gives you the option to blend the octave/fuzz section with the filtering, so you can enjoy punishing octave-down fuzz, rich, goopy filter sweeps or anything in between.
The Lysis also gives you a switchable high-pass and low-pass filter, along with the option to manually manipulate the filter’s cutoff or have it automatically modulate.

If you choose the manual path, an expression pedal jack gives you hands-free control of the Freq knob, for a sound-bending filter-wah effect that can absorb the impact of the most well-equipped dirt section.
Should you choose modulation, the Freq knob controls the rate of the effect. An expression pedal gives you foot control over the speed for some psychedelic guitar freakouts or smooth undulation.

An onboard vibrato circuit finishes off the signal path of the Lysis. When in fixed mode, Lysis kicks in the vibrato, but in modulated mode, a filter LFO is engaged and Mod controls the rate of that.
The two-position Warp switch works in tandem with the corresponding footswitch, either maxing or killing the Mod knob depending on the position.

- SOLIDGOLDFX Lysis Polyphonic Octave Down Fuzz Modulator
- Compact effect pedal for guitar
- Fuzz combined with an octave down circuit that can be modulated with a filter to get synth sounds
- Made in Canada
- 2020
- Controls : see pictures
- Ins/outs : see pictures
- Freq parameter can be controlled by an optional expression pedal
- True bypass
- Optional 9VDC power supply (center negative, cons. 60 mA)
- 125 x 95 x 65 mm
- 365 g
- Euroguitar Reference : 95201
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