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Equipped with silicon semiconductors, SOLIDGOLDFX Rosie Fuzz
compact effect pedal works effortlessly across all guitar types and in all conditions.

You’re treated to a JFET input section that lets the flavor sing regardless of where you place it, even after a wah. It’s not what you might expect from a silicon Tone Bender, but we’re used to exceeding expectations.

Highly specialized transistor selection ensures smoothness and mojo throughout all knob sweeps, with nothing a hair out of place. And the cleanup is exceptional, with a feel befitting a silicon Tone Bender. Just like many silicon fuzzes, you get the best of the worlds of cleanup and screaming leads.

You can pair the Rosie to your specific guitar with our two-way Tone toggle, adapting the Rosie to the thinnest lipstick pickups to the beefiest humbucker you have. An onboard Bias control lets you adapt the voltage to your liking. Ever notice how some fuzzes sound better with old batteries? This is why, and now you can adjust the voltage to taste, lending a different flavor to our silicon Tone Bender.

Whether it’s modern chord work or vintage violin-like sustain, the Rosie fulfills all your needs. It’s a whole lotta pedal, and it can be yours today.

- Compact effect pedal
- Silicon Fuzz Octave-Up, inspired by famous vintage Fuzz Face & Tone Bender
- Made in Canada
- 2020
- Bias control lets you adjust the amount of voltage to the final transistor, giving you plenty of splatty singing lead tones
- Other controls : see pictures
- Ins/outs : see pictures
- True bypass
- Optional 9VDC power supply (center negative, cons. 5 mA)
- 70 x 120 x 60 mm
- 250 g
- Euroguitar Reference : 95203
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