Suhr Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini

This product is not available anymore


Evolution of the original Shiba Drive in a downsized format, the SUHR Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini overdrive pedal offers 50% more gain, tighter low-end and focused mediums.
Working in perfect conjunction with both amplifier’s clean or overdrive channels, the SUHR Shiba Drive Reloaded is a top notch, warm, smooth and versatile overdrive that provides players with a wide variety of fat rhythm and lead tones.
Shiba Drive has a rich midrange character that ensures your tone cuts through the mix.
Shiba provides enough level to push the front end of any tube amp into natural clipping, or adds sustain to an already overdriven amp

3 position Smooth Switch produces :

- a mild high-end roll off (effective for warming up guitars with single-coil pickups)
- produce a natural, open sounding overdrive
- a more pronounced high-end roll off (excellent for chunky rhythms and violin-like lead tones).

Shiba is relay true bypass, producing less popping when switching the pedal on and off.

- SUHR Shiba Drive Reloaded Mini
- SKU 03-SHI-0004
- Overdrive pedal
- Made in USA
- Gain, Volume, Tone, Smooth switch
- Relay True Bypass
- FX Link connector allows the pedal’s switching function to be controlled from an external switch, pedal board, loop switcher, or any other custom interface. FX Link also provides the ability to power up in the On/Off state.
- Low Battery Monitor : alerts the user to low battery conditions. In addition, the battery monitor will automatically switch the pedal to True Bypass if the battery voltage is too low for the circuitry to correctly operate.
- 9Vdc, center negative, 2.1mm x 5.5mm
- 462 x 977 x 480 mm
- 165g
- Euroguitar Reference : 83757
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