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Wesc Non Seasonal

The Tambourine is what one might call the surprise of this autumn. Indeed, this headset is the newborn from the Swedish brand Wesc. The first thing you see is the quality of manufacture, the brand does not skimp on resources. The Wesc Tambourine has a rubber coating, which gives it a more robust and resistant to falls. You will not be afraid because the small shocks Tambourine absorb them without problem. What we can observe is that the headband does with headphones. And what about the shape of the earphones headphones? Two lofty domes of 40 mm in diameter, very soberly printed WESC logo, giving it a slim silhouette. Wesc Headphones Tambourine is intended for amateurs looking for a headset with a unique design, dark colors and especially to any event.

Type 40 mm
Sensitivity 120 dB
Impedance 33 Ohms
Frequency 20-20001 Hz
Socket 35 mm stereo
Cable 0.5 m + 1
Handsfree (for iphone...)