Mac Mah - CD Decks (Single) Mac Mah U1 b-stock number 1 - (B-stock number 1)
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Mac Mah U1 b-stock number 1

CD Decks (Single)
Mac Mah - CD Decks (Single) Mac Mah U1 b-stock number 1 - (B-stock number 1)
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  Category : CD Decks (Single)
  Guarantee : 3 years Euroguitar
  Specifications : B-stock number 1
  Ref : 148387
Brand : Mac Mah [Mac Mah cd player]

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This tiny half rack size box will deliver MP3’s from your favourite USB pen drives or your SD card.Just Plug and Play, and enjoy 10 different editable Playlist of your own.With the rack ears included in the box, this unit will fit perfectly into your PA rack, or can be the ideal management system for bar’s, pub’s, or restaurant.
Replacing our Traditional CD player , with a hudge LCD Matrix Display, manage songs, edit them with Loops, and Reloops, can be made from the remote control as well.
Giant ID3 Display
USB card input - up to 4GB/ SD card input - up to 2GB
Plug & Play MP3 - No need to connect to Computer
Giant Dot Matrix Display with Contrast adjustment
Full Navigation of MP3 with EZ Search Encoder
Dual mode display
Full Display of songs of the mass storage: max of 500 Songs
Wireless Remote control
LOOP & RELOOP functions
Fast Search Function
10 PLAYLIST for the connected Mass storage device
Balanced output & 4 RCA output for 2 Different zones
Gain control for Balanced output
Adaptor power supply & 19" rack ears included
Size : 220(L) x 95(D) x 87(H) mm
Weight with ears: 1.8 kg

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