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Euroguitar : Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about Euroguitar

Who is Euroguitar ?

Euroguitar is a specialized company selling discount-price musical instruments. Its main shop and main office are located at 36 rue Littré in Lille, Northern France. The company is managed by Fabrice Bayart and employs many workers, all of them are musicians.

Euroguitar has a big warehouse, allowing to stock large quantities of products. A big guitar shop is open from Tuesday until Saturday.

How to contact Euroguitar ?

You can contact our hotline for any question concerning prices or your order. The Euroguitar hotline is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 19:00PM. Also on Saturday mornings from 10:00AM to 12:00PM and from 14:00PM to 19:00PM.

Our address :

Euroguitar S.A.S.
36 rue Littré
59000 Lille
Customer hotline
Fax : 0033 3 20 51 88 49
E-mail :

Questions about shipping costs and delivery

How much will shipping cost for my order ?

It depends on the delivering country.

For delivery in France, it will be only 9.90 euros, whatever the weight and volume

We offer free shipping in France for any order over 800 euros including taxes.

For any other country inside the EU, shipping costs are fixed. Please refer directly to the Euroguitar pages dedicated to your country.

For countries outside the EU and French "Dom-Tom", we must quote you the exact shipping cost. We will only bill you for the actual cost, not one euro more.

If your delivery area is not mentioned, please contact us by phone at 0033 3 20 31 08 84 or send us an e-mail to to know your exact shipping cost.

What is the delivery time ?

For delivery in France, delivery will only take 48 hours. For countries inside the EU delivery will usually take 3 to 5 business days. Please note that we announce an indicative delivery time for each product, that can be 48 hours or much longer. If you have any question, please ask us.

What companies do you use for the delivery ?

We work with TNT and Calberson for deliveries in France. We work with Chronopost and Calberson for deliveries outside France.
TNT and Chronopost delivers orders up to 30 kios, Calberson delivers orders over to 30 kilos.
For very large orders (over 40 kgs), we can send the goods by truck. The delivery time could be longer. In that case, you will receive the information when you receive the order confirmation.

Can you deliver the product to an address different from the buyer's address?

It's possible on one condition: the person receiving the product is the same as the person who paid. For instance: Mr X bought a product, and it can be delivered to his workplace. But we will have to refuse to deliver Mr X at his workplace if he uses another name.
We take such precautions to avoid credit card fraud or any other payment fraud.

Are the products insured during the delivery?

The products are insured by Euroguitar for their real value.

Are the products checked before delivery?

We check the quality of each product before delivering. That's why you might notice the package has already been opened when you receive it.

Are the various products of one same order delivered in one go?

We can decide to deliver such an order in several deliveries, you will of course be told about it. In any case you will not have to pay more.
For countries outside the EU and the French Dom Tom, we estimate your delivery costs and will provide a delivery charges invoice based on the real cost.

I have another question about the delivery, who can answer?

Please contact the Hotline by mail or by phone. From france, dial 03 20 31 08 84. From a foreign country, dial 00 33 (0) 20 31 08 84.

You can contact the Euroguitar Hotline from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 12 pm and 1pm to 6.30 pm. On saturdays from 10 am to 12pm.

Questions about internet orders

What is the security level for payments on internet?

All payments on the Euroguitar website are secured at a 128-bit encoding level managed by Banque Populaire. The bank we work with is the only organism to know your credit card number. We only see the payment confirmation, not your credit card number.

How does the secured server work?

Your credit card number is directly sent to the secured server, without any intermediate steps. The server encodes the transmission with an SSL key. This encoding system is known for its impregnability, nobody has ever broken it.

I cannot find the product I would like to buy!

The easiest solution is to contact our Hotline either by email or by phone. We cannot show entire catalogues for all the retailers, but we can easily look up all the references and answer your questions as quickly as possible.

How can I pay for my order? Which payment method can I use?

The easiest way is to pay with a credit card: Visa, Mastercard or Maestro. However, you can also choose to use bank transfer or paypal transfer.

Which payment means is the quickest and most secure?

All the means are very secure. The easiest means is the credit card because we immediately validate your payment. Important to know: the maximim amount for a credit card payment is 2000 euros. For a higher amount, we can only accept payments by bank transfer for legal reasons.

What is the lowest amount for an order?

The lowest amount for an order is 10 euros (not including the delivery charges) whatever the number of ordered products. For instance, you can order 4 products at 2.50 euros each.

Must I pay the VAT?

French VAT (20%) is included in Euroguitar prices. For some deliveries to special destinations, the invoice can be exclusive of VAT according to the law.

Can you lower the prices?

Euroguitar's goal is to provide the best and the lowest prices. We do not want to make a client pay more than another one. We set a price and keep it for every client so as to be fair!

We do not change prices for clients as some other shops are do.

We work with transparency and refuse to negotiate any price.

Can I lower the price if I order many products?

You only do not pay the shippig costs for an order over 800 euros.

Are there any special conditions for dealers?

We are not supposed to sell any products to dealers; retailers, wholesale dealers or importers. You can however contact us and we will consider your particular situation. We want to be sure not to hinder importers in their work.

How can I apply for a job at Euroguitar?

Send us an email or call the Hotline to speak to the recruiting agent.

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