Euroguitar : General sales terms and conditions
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Euroguitar : General sales terms and conditions

1 - Terms of application

The general sales terms and conditions specify the links between Euroguitar company and any client who orders on, by phone or by email. All clients ackowledge having read the general sales terms and conditions and accept them.

2 - Prices and duties

The set price on when you order is the same as when you pay, except in case of absolute necessity.

The cases of absolute necessity nullifying a set price on the website are defined by:

- Unwanted data capture error leading to a sale without gains for Euroguitar Company
- Computer problem showing a false price

In that case, Euroguitar Company is committed to warning the client and asking him if he agrees to pay a different price from the one mentioned on the website when he ordered. The client will either confirm his order or cancel it.

The prices are mentioned in euros, 20% French VAT included.

The delivery charges are not included in the prices mentioned on the website. These charges will be added at the end of the order, confirmed before payment, and will also be mentioned in the order confirmation email.

The delivery charges are the following for a delivery in metropolitan France:

- 9 euros for any order of at least 29 euros including taxes.
- free delivery charges for an order over 199 euros including taxes.

All orders will be confirmed by email at the latest 24 hours after you place your order.This email will confirm the main points ( the price, the invoice address and the VAT amount).

An order includes all the products ordered in one go. You will have to pay the delivery charges just once, regardless of the number of ordered products.

If you order several products in several installments at different times, you will have to pay several delivery charges.

Euroguitar denies any responsability if the client does not receive this email for any reason. The client must contact the company at the latest 24 hours after the order has been placed if he has not received the confirmation email.

Euroguitar has the right to modify prices at any time without previous notice.
The set prices on are applied to metropolitan France. For any other country, the client must contact Euroguitar directly to be sure of the set prices in his country. For the DOM TOM or any country outside the EU, the prices will automatically be exclusive of VAT and the delivery charges amount will depend on the country, the client will have to confirm his agreement either by email or by fax. All non-paid rights and non-paid charges such as VAT, maritime fees or customs fees will be paid by the client once delivered.

The delivery charges for most of the countries inside the EU are set, whatever the amount of the order

The pictures on the Euroguitar website are not official. The information about colour is merely informational and cannot show you the exact real product colour.

The products on the website are available within a short amount of time. In case of a long period of shortage or if the manufacturer stops making a product, Euroguitar cannot be held responsible.

All the products bought on the website conform with article L111-1 in the French consumption code.

3 - Delivery

The client agrees to give the whole delivery address in the set proper form when he orders on the website. Euroguitar is not responsible for any error or incomplete address.

The delivery is considered as done when the parcel(s) are given to the forwarder.

The delivery note signed by the client is the proof of transport and delivery. The delivery company can give the delivery to a neighbour or someone signing for you.

In conformity with the law, the forwarder is responsible of the delivery. For any problem (loss, theft, damage...) Euroguitar denies any responsability. The client has to resort to himself to solve any problem(s).

Euroguitar informs its customers that they have to open the parcel and check the product before signing the delivery note. For any problem, the client has the right to refuse the parcel, to demand to send it back to Euroguitar and to warn Euroguitar within 24 hours.

For security reasons or weight reasons, Euroguitar may send you the product in several deliveries and in several parcels.

Euroguitar may also deliver the available products, and deliver the other part of your order when we receive the products.

If the parcel does not correspond to your order, and if the client has signed the delivery note, this client commits to sending the parcel back within 7 days, unused and its original package. Euroguitar commits to sending the ordered product at its own expense. Under no circumstances is the client allowed to own and keep the parcel delivered by error. This parcel is Euroguitar's property.

The delivery times given on the website are for information only and are in no way a commitment on our part; Euroguitar is in fact dependent on its FORWARDER for information.

The delivery is considered as done when the parcel(s) are given to the forwarder.

4 - Payment

You can pay using the following credit cards (Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Credit Card) and also by check or by bank transfer.

A) Paying with a credit card

Give the 16 numbers and the expiration date for our secured server to accept your order. If you forget something or if a number is missing, the order will automatically be cancelled for security reasons.

The order will only be valid when the credit card network agrees to it. If this network refuses it, the order will automatically be cancelled.

Euroguitar has the right to ask for proof of identity and for proof that you are the credit card owner for any order on its website. In case of fraud or attempt of fraud, the concerned judicial authorities will immediately be informed.

Paying with a credit card is only possible for some countries. Customers from other countries must first contact Euroguitar to set the payment means. The customers from countries outside the EU must pay using bank transfer.

You can only pay with a credit card for a maximum order of 2000 euros. For a higher amount you must use bank transfer.

B)Paying with PayPal

Pay using your credit card thanks to Paypal.You don't need to give the card number to the shop.

C)Paying with a cheque

Only possible for customers living in France.

Euroguitar needs to receive the cheque (in euros) 5 days at the latest after the order is placed on the website. The delivery time set on internet starts after receipt of the cheque, generally 48 hours after receipt.

Do not forget to write your client number and your full name. The name must be the one of the person who ordered and is going to be delivered to.

The name on the cheque and the person's name to be delivered to must be the same. If we receive a cheque not belonging to the right person, it will be destroyed and we will inform the concerned authorities.

We will deliver orders once the cheque has been received and accepted by the bank we work with.

The cheque must be payable to Euroguitar.

In case of a bad cheque, Euroguitar will take legal action against the concerned person.

Euroguitar can ask the client to show 2 identity cards.

D)Paying by bank transfer

You can pay by bank transfer for a minimum of 29 euros. The amount must be on Euroguitar's account before any delivery.

If no payment is received within 5 days after the order, Euroguitar will have to cancel it without notice. It is important to remember that little time is needed to transfer money from one account to another. It can postpone the delivery.

5 - Guarantees

The guarantees are the manufacturer's guarantees and generally last 1 year (from the date on the invoice), except for the loudspeakers, the ear monitoring, and some accessories such as plectrums, guitar strings, cymbals which are not under guarantee once they have been used.

In conformity with the law, any client can send a product back to Euroguitar within 7 days after the delivery. The client can have a 7 day- period to retract (article N° 2001-741 August 23 2001). As a service, Euroguitar extends this time to 30 days for online orders only.

If you have to send a product back for personal reasons (not for any defect on it), please contact Euroguitar first before sending the parcel back. The charges will be payable by the client.

If you send a parcel back for a defect on the product 30 days after the delivery, we can only repair the product on condition that the defect comes from a manufacturing problem and not from misuse of the product (damage, lack of or bad maintenance, lack of or bad cleaning...). Euroguitar can refuse to repair the product if the problem comes from misuse.

Any change or handling on the product made by the client leads to the guarantee's nullification. Any repair will be payable by the client in that case. The client commits to using the product properly and to respecting the direction defined in the directions for use.

Please send the product(s) back to the address confirmed by Euroguitar.

If you send a product back, for any reason, without its original package, or if the packaging and the item are not in mint condition, Euroguitar can refuse to apply the 30 days warranty.

6 - Client file and advertisement

In conformity with the "computer and freedom" law 06/01/1978, any client has the right to access and modify personal data given to Euroguitar.

Euroguitar may give its clients' personal data to other companies (working with Euroguitar), they can use it to offer their services.

If the client disagrees with receiving such information from other companies, he can contact and warn Euroguitar.

7 - Disputes, disagreements

Both sides will try to find an amicable arrangement before any legal action is taken.

If there is no possible amicable agreement, French law will be enforced and we will take the case to court.

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