Euroguitar golden rules
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Euroguitar golden rules
7 reasons to order with Euroguitar:

1. Very low prices
Euroguitar offers the lowest discount prices! Our shop offers the best and unbeatable value for your money for all instruments; and the cheapest brand names!

2. Satisfaction or your money back within 30 days
Complete satisfaction with Euroguitar! If you're not satisfied with a product, you can send it back within 30 days and be reimbursed.

3. All the sellers are music specialists
Euroguitar sellers are all musicians and keen guitarists. They play music, they can test and check product quality. They will give the best advice to meet your needs.

4. An efficient hotline
Any question about a model? a price? or home deliveries? Are you hesitating on a product which will best meet your needs? Euroguitar offers a very efficient hotline directly linked with its website. You can speak to a good musician who will quickly give you the best information.

5. 1 to 5 year guarantee
Euroguitar products are all guaranteed for 1 year. Some guarantees can reach 5 years depending on the maker.

6. Take away and payment in the shop
You can test and use the product, pay for it and take it home at Euroguitar, 36 rue Littré, 59000 Lille, Gambetta subway stop. Euroguitar is a very convenient website to buy from but also a real discount shop in Lille.

7. 100% secure payment
However you choose to pay, Euroguitar provides the best reliability. Credit cart payment is encoded and totally safe. Your payments are very secure.

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