Laney LC 30 II-112

This product is not available anymore


The Laney LC30-II is the epitome of class A tone. Launched in 1997 to worldwide acclaim the LC30-II builds upon the tried and tested tone bed of the original, but R'n'D have managed to squeeze even more tone and performance out of this amplifier. Four EL84's push out 30 watts RMS of singing valve power. Clean tones are taken care of by Channel A, fully equipped with its own 3 band EQ whilst lead tones are pumped out by Channel B. Combine flawless tone with an Accutronics reverb and a global FX loop and you have a monster of an amp.

Guitar combo 30 watts
4xEL 84 bulbs
HH invader 12" speaker
2 channels
3 bands Eq
Accutronic reverb
External speaker output
Effect loop
Line output
Euroguitar Reference : 5539