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EXH Oceans 11 Reverb is a compact and powerful digital reverb pedal with 11 presets and many functionalities. Splash your tone with subtle ambience using classic Hall and Plate, or drench your guitar in surreal soundscapes with Shimmer and Modulation.
A Spring algorithm faithfully emulates the iconic drip of vintage Fender reverb units. Unique and powerful polyphonic, dynamic, and autotriggering reverbs inspire radical experimentation. Instantaneous control
of infinite reverb unleashes a torrent of sonic possibilities for a truly unparalleled reverb experience.

Each reverb type on the OCEANS 11 has up to three unique modes of operation. Pressing the MODE button cycles through these available
modes (the LED color – green, red, or orange – shows the current mode. if the LED does not change color when pressing this button, the active reverb type has only one mode).
When you switch reverb types, the
OCEANS 11 will recall the last mode you were using in that reverb type.

In most OCEANS 11 reverb types, infinite reverb is accessible. Infinite
reverb increases the decay time of the currently-selected reverb to infinite
and redirects the musician’s playing to a fresh reverb of the same type.
Infinite reverb also disables the MODE button and overrides the TIME and
TONE knobs such that they respectively control the TIME and TONE knobs
of the fresh reverb. This allows you to sculpt the fresh reverb sound to
your liking without altering the infinite reverb in the background.

The OCEANS 11 allows you to choose whether reverb continues to play or stop immediately after the pedal is switched to
bypass (Tails switch inside the box).

- EHX Oceans 11 Reverb
- Digital reverb effect pedal
- 2018
- 11 different reverb types (Hall, Spring, Plate, Revers, Echo, Trem, Mod, Dyna, Auto-Inf, Shim, Poly)
- Tails switch selects whether the reverb fades out naturally or stops immediately when the pedal is switched to bypass
- Eeasy access to powerful “hidden” parameters thru secondary knob Mode
- Produce infinite reverb you can play over in most settings
- Spring algorithm faithfully emulates the iconic drip of vintage Fender reverb units
- Controls : EFX Level - Time - Tone, Mode
- Infinite momentary footswitch Input (1/4" jack)
- Buffered bypass
- Powered by a EHX9.6DC
200mA AC power supply (included), no battery operation (consumption 150mA)
- 114 x 70 x 53 mm (4,5" x 2,75" x 2,1")
- Manual : https://www.ehx.com/assets/instructions/oceans-11.pdf
- Euroguitar Reference : 81849
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