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The Volca series will therefore be enhanced with a small semi-modular synth with eight modules and 50 patch points, the Volca Modular.

The modules of the Volca Modular are connected to each other by the patch cables provided, allowing a wide variety of combinations. The compact chassis of the Volca Modular offers 50 patch inputs and outputs. These are color-coded for easy visual recognition, and signals are also marked with symbols to indicate audio, control, gate or trigger. In principle, each signal is connected according to its use, but on the Volca Modular, the signal levels are universally compatible between the modules, multiplying the number of patch possibilities.

The inspiration of the "West Coast style" in a Volca format

The "West Coast style" synthesis consists of starting from a wave low in harmonics (a sinusoid for example) and adding frequency modulation and distortion (or wave shaping in English). Starting from analog and freely integrating all elements, including FM and PCM, the volca series is close to the "West Coast Style" trend.

Twenty patch cables are included, as well as a reference sheet explaining each connection point and providing examples of standard connections.

- Semi-modular monodic analog monodic synthesizer with digital effects
- Source module with a triangular wave VCO, a frequency modulator sent in a wave folding circuit to generate harmonics
- Woggle module: a random signal generator with a pink noise Sample & Hold circuit, with two outputs
- Dual LPG module: two low-pass gate circuits with one amp
- Stereo Space Out Module for a reverb effect
- Functions Module: two envelope generators ADH and Rise-Fall which allows it to be used as a VCO or LFO
- Split module: sends an input to two outputs, can also be used in the other direction to combine two audio or control signals into one
- Utility Module: An audio mixing and control module that combines two signals in different ways and provides inversion and attenuation functions
- Sequences module to connect the internal sequencer, with tempo and time division settings
- Touch keyboard
- Sequencer with 16 patterns and 16 steps, with the possibility to chain the patterns
- Headphone output on mini-jack
Sync input and output on 3.5 mm mini-jacks
- CV input on TRS mini-jack
- Power supply on optional mains or 6 AA batteries
- Dimensions: 193 x 115 x 39 mm
- Weight: 377 g
- Euroguitar Reference : 85184
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