Pigtronix Constellator Modulated Analog Delay

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PIGTRONIX Constellator Modulated Analog Delay is an all-analog delay pedal capable of producing up to 600ms of lush echo with adjustable modulation and a comprehensive sound palette.
From percussive slapback and doubler sounds to chorused-out, long delays with endless repeats, the Constellator’s MN3005 bucket brigade chips provide superior overall headroom and tape-like saturation when pushed to the limit.
The Feel toggle switch adjusts several parameters simultaneously for an additional coloring of LFO modulation. With the Feedback control maxed out, the Constellator is capable of self-oscillation which can be pitched up or down by turning the Time knob.

The pair of analog delay chips used in the Constellator are new production replicas of the mighty Panasonic MN3005 Bucket Brigade Devices (BBD) found in some of the most iconic vintage delay pedals of all time. With 4096 individual “buckets” and +15V power rails, the MN3005 provides the longest possible delay time and most available headroom in an analog delay. Luscious.

- PIGTRONIX Constellator Modulated Analog Delay
- SKU Pigtronix MAD
- Analog synth for guitar and bass
- Compact effect pedal
- 2021
- 2x Panasonic MN3005 Bucket Brigade Devices replicas
- Up to 600 mS delay time
- Controls & connections : see pictures & manual
- True bypass
- Powered only via optional 9VDC adapter, negative center, current draw 100mA
- 150 x 375 x 175 mm
- 0.227 kg
- Manual : https://www.pigtronix.com/uploads/pigtronix/2020/11/MAD_Constellator_Manual.pdf
- Euroguitar Reference : 96994
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